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31.01.17 How To Create A Novelty Themed Trade Show Stand

Themed Trade Show Stand

When a novelty trade show stand executes their theme well, everybody on the exhibit floor starts buzzing about it. You start hearing things like “Did you see that Wizard of Oz stand?” or “You’ve got to check out that company that created a beach in their stand.” Everybody wants to be “that stand”. Everybody remembers […]

31.01.17 New Trade Show Technology for Your Stand

Trade show technology

What new trade show technology can you use at your trade show stand the year? While the tech ideas mentioned below aren’t exclusive to trade shows, they are being used effectively at trade shows. Add one of these new technologies to your trade show stand to show potential customers your company is keeping up with […]

09.01.17 Creating a Trade Show Display for Christmas – Lessons Learned


Creating a trade show display during the Christmas season can be challenging and also very rewarding!  We know the Christmas season has passed now and you probably don’t want to think about it at all, but now is an ideal time to take stock of what worked with your Christmas trade show display, what didn’t […]

02.01.17 How To Make Your Trade Show Display Stand Out

In row upon row of 10×10 booths, all of them using similar displays and graphics, how can your trade show display stand out? Here are some tips to set yourself apart from the rest of the lemmings. Try a Photo for Your Backdrop Most companies use large logos or a solid coloured wall as their […]

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