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3 Effective Ways To Make Your Conference Stand Out

Conferences seem like they are becoming a dying trade, as technology develops and attendances of new prospects have dropped dramatically over the last 10 years. This is why if you are using conferences to market your business you must be efficient and you must provide something that nobody else can. Although, it seems like conferencing seems to be dying down, some businesses are attracting hundreds of new prospects. We are sharing the three most effective ways to gain attention and interest to your conference. 




If you’re going to do a conference, it is important that your focus and your theme is original and not a replica of competitors. You need to provide your prospects with something that hasn’t been done before and something that is going to give them an experience or knowledge that is relevant and desired. Being authentic and true to your business and your target market is crucial for generating interest and successfully running a conference.


Having a crystal clear understanding of what you want to achieve from your conference will help with smooth running of the event. It also allows you to measure what works for your business and what your potential customers will be interested to hear and gain from your businesses products or services. The reason that these elements are so important is quite simply explained – if you don’t know what you want to achieve, if you don’t know what your business focus is and you don’t know what your business goals are, how are you going to target the customers you want to reach? 


If your conference doesn’t provide consistency it is one of the most common ways to bore your prospects. Study your target market and gain a good understanding of what they want and what you expect them to be interested in and how to implicate that consistently throughout your conference. Mapping out an attendee journey with your team will help you to all understand what you need to provide your potential customers with. Evaluate and assess every aspect of the attendees journey from booking on to the conference to when they get home afterwards. Your conference needs to provide more than just the conference itself, following up with attendees and keeping in contact is essential for success. 

Are you looking to create a stand out conference in 2019? RB Design & Displays are experts in the field and created eye catching, high quality conference displays with many years experience, for huge businesses. If your business is considering conferencing, get in touch with us, not only can we work together we can create a unique display, but we will also manage the installation and fitting too. 


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