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Are Exhibitions Still Relevant In The Digital Age?

We are living in an ever increasing digital age, which has seen businesses continuously develop their marketing techniques and efforts to reach customers/clients. Revolutionising not only business, but the way we think, shop and do almost anything, the digital age definitely has a grip on everything we do. But how does the digital age effect exhibitions and trade shows?


Obviously online and digital marketing has become a huge part of any business marketing practice and will be the main focus for many businesses looking to engage with new customers and clients. But, there is something about the human  touch that cannot be replaced, and can be directly one of the most efficient and positive ways to convert leads and sales. So, where can exhibitions fit in the digital age?

There is no doubt that exhibitions and trade shows are developing to conform to digital and modern standards. We will continue to see the development of the way an exhibition looks as the digital age continues to thrive, with some businesses already using virtual reality and robotics to entice customers and clients. Critics are urging businesses to use technology to their advantage when exhibiting, and to embrace the upcoming future for the sake of their exhibition success.

So, how can you ‘get with the times’ when it comes to embracing the digital age at exhibitions and trade shows?

Social media: One of the most powerful marketing methods in the modern world is the use of social media. You need to make sure your business is on social media and taking full advantage of what it can help you achieve, even at exhibitions. Use social media to promote and encourage an audience to come to your stand, and use the hashtags on social media that will coincide with the trade show or event you are attending to connect with mutual exhibitors. 

Gadgets: Utilise iPads, laptops and other gadgets to enhance your exhibitors experience when they visit your stand. Not only will technology attract curiosity to your business, but it can help to organise and connect with your potential customers and clients with ease. 

The key is to stand out and at RB Displays we know a thing or two about standing out and being innovative with our clients, that’s why we have worked with some of the biggest brands and businesses in the UK designing and constructing exhibition and trade show stands that attract attention. 


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