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29.03.19 5 Tasks To Do Before A Trade Show


You’ve got your display ready, you know what your goals and focuses are and you’ve got the right members of the team for the job, but have you forgotten something? In preparation for your trade show experience there are many things to consider, and to get done before you take off. We have been looking […]

02.05.18 How to attract visitors to your exhibition stand


Exhibitions can generate a wealth of business if you invest time, effort and money into making it stand out to visitors. Making the most of your stand involves two key elements; attracting the visitor/potential customer to your stand in the first place and the second is engaging them in what you have going on. Get […]

03.05.17 Preparing For A Summer Of Trade Shows – Planning Ahead

Here are a few tips to help you get prepared for your trade show this summer, so you’re not running around at the last minute or panicking about what you forgot. 1. Ask yourself WHY you are participating in this trade show? Identify the value this specific trade show will offer your company and what impact […]

03.04.17 How to Store Your Trade Show Display Between Exhibitions

Store your trade show display

How to Secure Your Trade Show Display Investment with the Right Storage The Show is over, you have successful exhibited your company and got some good leads. Your double decker display was the gem of the exhibit and drew the eye of almost every person in the trade show. Now…where to put this monstrosity? I […]

03.04.17 How to Create a Green Trade Show Display

picture of a world in a leaf

Among the public there is a lot of goodwill that goes towards eco-friendly businesses that care for the environment. Cutting down on waste is not only great for the environment, but it can also benefit your business. What better place to show your commitment to being green than at a trade show. 1. Using Recycled […]

06.03.17 Trade Show Success

Ensuring Trade Show Success If you are choosing to spend time, money and effort on a display booth at a trade show, it’s essential that you make the best of it and that you play all your cards right to optimise your return on investment. Careful strategising and research will go a long way to gaining […]

22.02.17 Your Trade Show Plan Essentials

Trade Show Plan Essentials

Make sure your trade show plan includes the essentials for success. Everything has its essentials. There are essentials for the kitchen, essentials for a wardrobe, even a pet has essential items. Here are the essentials for your trade show plan. Strategy What is your trade show plan? Your strategy can’t be just showing up. If […]

31.01.17 How To Create A Novelty Themed Trade Show Stand

Themed Trade Show Stand

When a novelty trade show stand executes their theme well, everybody on the exhibit floor starts buzzing about it. You start hearing things like “Did you see that Wizard of Oz stand?” or “You’ve got to check out that company that created a beach in their stand.” Everybody wants to be “that stand”. Everybody remembers […]

31.01.17 New Trade Show Technology for Your Stand

Trade show technology

What new trade show technology can you use at your trade show stand the year? While the tech ideas mentioned below aren’t exclusive to trade shows, they are being used effectively at trade shows. Add one of these new technologies to your trade show stand to show potential customers your company is keeping up with […]

09.01.17 Creating a Trade Show Display for Christmas – Lessons Learned


Creating a trade show display during the Christmas season can be challenging and also very rewarding!  We know the Christmas season has passed now and you probably don’t want to think about it at all, but now is an ideal time to take stock of what worked with your Christmas trade show display, what didn’t […]

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