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29.05.20 How The Events & Exhibition Industry Will Be Effected By Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic that has left utter devastation across the world is expected to change the way we live and work forever. With the UK seeing one of the highest death rates in the world, it is no surprise that the events and exhibition industry has and will continue to see adverse changes for the […]

25.03.20 Reducing Waste With Digital Signage


The digital age has been steadily taken over in the last decade, and in hand with the digitisation of life as we know it, climate change and being more conscious about how we use resources has never been so relevant. The question of what more can we do, is one businesses cannot afford to ignore […]

26.02.20 Building The Right Exhibition Team

Exhibiting is more than just a big fancy display and requires a lot of work when it comes to behind the scenes, implementing a strategy and surrounding yourself with the right team who will bring the right energy and great results. So what attributes and traits are you looking for in a successful exhibition team. […]

30.01.20 Planning A Trade Show? How To Prioritise Your Trade Show Equipment

We have talked at length about establishing your ‘what, why and how’ when it comes to planning a trade show, what are you hoping to achieve from it? Why are you investing your time and business budget into this? How can you make it a success? All questions that you should know the answer to […]

20.12.19 How To Refresh Your Exhibition Stand

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If you have been using your exhibition stand all year at conferences and exhibitions, there is nothing better than giving it a revamp in time for the New Year. Your exhibition should represent your business accurately, and over a year a business can have growth that means what represented your business the at the beginning […]

27.11.19 What Should You Avoid When Planning Your Exhibition?

You won’t be the first or last business to make a mistake when it comes to exhibiting. For a lot of businesses, their first exhibition can often be more of a trial and error experiment rather than a success, but wouldn’t it be so much easier if you knew what you should avoid when planning […]

31.10.19 Last Minute Exhibition? Nail It With Our Top Tips


Impulsive business decisions can really pay off if you learn how to prepare yourself last minute. Should you find yourself needing to plan and prepare for a very last minute exhibition, we totally understand why you might be panicking. Most exhibitions plans are months in the making, but if time is not on your side, […]

26.09.19 How To Measure Exhibition Success…


 The amount of effort and careful planning that goes into planning an exhibition showcase, so how do you measure your expectations of success when it’s all over? Understanding how to measure the success of your exhibition efforts should be part of the planning process and in this post we are going to help you understand […]

28.08.19 Are Exhibitions Still Relevant In The Digital Age?


We are living in an ever increasing digital age, which has seen businesses continuously develop their marketing techniques and efforts to reach customers/clients. Revolutionising not only business, but the way we think, shop and do almost anything, the digital age definitely has a grip on everything we do. But how does the digital age effect […]

31.07.19 Making The Most Out Of Your Exhibition Stands


Something many businesses and brands strive to achieve, is getting the upmost out of their exhibition stands. With decades of experience here at RB Design & Displays we know a thing or two about exhibition stands, and how you can make the most of what you have, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Is […]

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