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Creating a Trade Show Display for Christmas – Lessons Learned

Creating a trade show display during the Christmas season can be challenging and also very rewarding! 

We know the Christmas season has passed now and you probably don’t want to think about it at all, but now is an ideal time to take stock of what worked with your Christmas trade show display, what didn’t and what you can do better for next year! 

Christmas Trade Show Displays

This is the season for trade shows where everyone is pulling out all the tricks, so put your focus where it belongs because quality not quantity is your best asset when setting up a display during the festive season.

Don’t Limit Be Limited To Just a Table Display for Your Christmas Trade Show Display

Find ways to attract people to you before they’ve even seen the display! Try a little cinnamon to give off a great scent that will attract people walking by or some incense. Not too much though as you do not want to overwhelm people.

Music is also a great way to draw attention. Make sure it is not too loud or overpowering. You want the music to promote your trade show and allow people to speak freely. It is good if you spend time creating your own play list. Envision what message you are trying to drive to your attendees and make sure the music enhances that goal.

Be a Part of Your Décor for the Christmas Trade Show Display

Leave the suit at home for this one. With Christmas come warm feelings and thoughts of ‘family’ and ‘loyalty’, so use this to your advantage by allowing people to see the Family that your organisation has become.

Use fun pictures to show the public the faces from behind the scenes having fun and enjoying each other’s company. Your team at your display could try clever and eye catching Christmas outfits or uniforms or just ‘festive up’ their outfit with a sprig of holly or a Christmas badge. Overall just make sure to have fun, enjoy the time spent together and with prospects and be genuine.

People will appreciate the genuine festive spirit you create! 

Lighting for a Christmas Trade Show Display

There are two types of people in the world – Those that love Christmas lights and those that don’t.

Fortunately if you are exhibiting at a tradeshow during the festive season you probably will not meet any of the latter. That being said, again keep in mind it’s the quality not the quantity that matters. With so much lighting around you the display that will stand out is the one with the cleverest display not the most lights. 

It’s easy to overdo it and look tacky. Instead go for ‘tasteful’ christmas lighting for your trade show. 

What went well for you? What needs to be improved? Evaluate so that next Christmas you will be prepared and rock it out with your trade show display.

Feel free to leave us a comment telling us how your festive display went. 

Have a pleasant Festive season!!!


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