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The trade show scene can be so predictable. Rows and rows of booths that follow the same safe formula just to be seen at the dance. There are those companies with really big budgets that pull out all the stops to win your attention. Same scene, different year.

However, there are trends that you can use to make any size booth be memorable.

Make It An Experience

Booths start to blend together after a while. After I’ve walked more than 5 aisles on a trade show floor, distinguishing one booth from another is almost impossible. Unless you made my experience of walking by your booth memorable, and isn’t that what everyone is after?

The experience starts way before the trade show. It starts with every place I mention that my company will be exhibiting at a trade show. Any ad, email, tweet or insta pic has the opportunity to include the theme or product that will be featured in my booth.

Red Carpet Treatment

I will remember the booth that knows how to treat an attendee. The vibe of the booth is already special. If I am a customer of that company, the staff might even know that I will at the show.

When I am recognised by name and genuinely welcomed by the staff, I feel like hanging around the booth. I receive a special gift for stopping by, a personal invitation to the company’s gathering that night, and maybe a pass to the high profile event that everyone is talking about. I will remember how I was treated just for stopping by.

Not Your Typical Booth

I like companies who take a chance with their displays. They don’t need to be completely whacky, but I like to see a company step up their game and show they are there to be noticed. Instead of the typical booth fair of logos on large panels, go for something that is more personable yet still is the company brand.

Imagine the booth space as coffee shop (I’m not saying which one) or a store that people want to walk through. The staff is mingling and relaxed and not looking like they are ready to give their pitch.

Be an Oasis in the Desert

Everyone is walking around a trade show floor texting, surfing, and checking email. Before long the “low battery” notification will pop up and I will be searching for the nearest outlet like everyone else. Be the oasis in the desert by having a phone charging station in your booth. Brilliant, right? These stations can be rented and customised with your brand. You can think me later.

Listen and Learn

When I walk up to a booth, within 10 seconds I can tell what works and what doesn’t. After talking to the booth staff for a bit, I know if I will be taking their call after the show. This is a great time for the staff to ask me for my feedback about the booth and my thoughts about the product or service. I can provide them with valuable information that they can use for next year’s show or their current marketing campaign.


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