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Five Ways To Make Your Exhibition Stand, Stand Out


You’re all signed up for an exhibition and you want to take this opportunity to showcase your business to prospects in the best way possible. You realise how important it is to stand out, but how do you do that amongst hundreds of other businesses there trying to do the exact same thing? We have got you covered with our top five ways to make your business stand out at an exhibition.


It is important to get the measurements correct when putting together your stand, so in the first instance we recommend you contact the organisers to ensure you are fully understanding of the space and height you’re allowed to have with your exhibition stand. When it comes to designing the stand, make sure all the eye catching content is just that, at eye level to your prospects to catch their eye. Another important factor is to make sure that your posters and signs are taking up the vast majority of height and width so that they can be seen across the room. 


Incorporating audio and video content into your exhibition stand is one of the most effective ways to make your business stand out at an exhibition. Using innovative tools to create amazing visual content doesn’t have to be expensive either, there are loads of free apps you can utilise to go extra on your content. 


Exhibitions are usually held in big, warehouse type buildings with not the best to offer when it comes to lighting, so it is worth considering adding your own lighting to your display. Use lighting to highlight your most attractive features on your displays, which will instantly attract attention. 


The appearance of your exhibition may initially draw in prospects, but they’re not going to stick around if they can’t understand what you have to offer. Your business message needs to be well communicated in your display whilst being effective and easy to understand. 

Present all the key information to your prospects with simple yet effective content. Ensure that your prospect leaves your display knowing exactly who you are and what your business stands for. In a marketing sense, having brand consistency, computer-3365366_960_720punchy but informative text and visuals, and a slogan that is consistent and memorable to your brand. 

Prospects will become bored if you try to bombard them with lengthy information and 500 word leaflets. Make sure your stand is explorable and offers micro information that is consumable by a busy prospect. 


It is a good idea to create a  theme for your exhibition to help make your stand flow, and avoids bombarding prospects with a jumble of information. Create a concept that will arouse curiosity that remains fairly brand consistent to attract prospects and keeps them interested.

Having a theme helps to stay consistent and focused when designing your exhibition stand, it’s important to make sure it is representative of your brand or businesses ethos, it may be a good idea to consult or hire brand specialists should you struggle to find a concept that works.


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