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Key Factors When Creating Graphics & Design For Your Display

Your company may have an in house team who take care of graphics and artwork, however the alternative is outsourcing that task, something many businesses do to save time and enhance the quality of their graphics and design. Either way there are many decisions that you must be conscious of before you pass on the final task of creation to those who are skilled in doing so. Graphics and design are crucial to the success of your display at a trade show and not recognising the importance of investing in great quality will cost you in the long run. In this post we are looking at ways you can prepare best for your upcoming trade show when it comes to graphics and design. 




Something that becomes common error when designing and creating imagery for displays is not being accurate with your sizing. Too big and you run out of opportunity to offer enough visual to your prospects and too small will not attract anybody to your stand. Having a clear understanding of how big your display needs to be, and fitting the correct sizing of imagery and graphics into your design is essential. 


Make sure that you use images that are high resolution and high quality, you can discuss this with your graphic design and printing team to ensure that the images you have selected are going to transfer into large format well. Making sure you select graphics and a design that is eye catching is of high importance, make sure the images will stand out and offer curiosity to your prospects.


A picture can speak a thousand words, but there is no point of a picture at all if it’s not saying what you want or need it to. Make sure your images are relevant to your brand focus and consistent with any text you may add. Another important element that will make your images and graphics more brand consistent and professional is by adding your logo to the images. A small watermark in the corner is the perfect way to display your brand and keep it relevant. 




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