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How to attract visitors to your exhibition stand

Exhibitions can generate a wealth of business if you invest time, effort and money into making it stand out to visitors. Making the most of your stand involves two key elements; attracting the visitor/potential customer to your stand in the first place and the second is engaging them in what you have going on. Get it right and you could see a huge return on your efforts in whatever you wish to achieve from your exhibition and then some! 


A great way to grab the attention of your potential visitors is by offering some kind of entertainment that is relevant to your brand or business. This can be anything from a dance troupe to a top celebrity brand ambassador. However you go about this, ensure that you communicate and demonstrate what you are actually at the exhibition to achieve. 


A large majority of delegates are looking for a fresh and innovative solution to a business issue when attending exhibitions. Throwing a focus workshop not only allows you to engage an audience in your business ideals, but also allows them to take something from your workshop that they will find useful themselves. Develop intriguing topics to engage and excite your potential customers. 


A great way to engage and attract people to your stand is by offering food and drink. We’re not talking about a full on three course meal, of course, but a simple snack and tea or coffee is a really simple way to offer something back whilst engaging delegates into your business.


There is nothing more off putting to delegates, than a team of disinterested and distracted staff members at your stand. If your team don’t care about the brand, products and services, why should anybody else? Ensure you appoint a team that have a positive and engaging personality, who have a genuine interest and outstanding knowledge in the business. 


Not only is this a great way to engage customers by offering a more computer-3365366_960_720personal experience when discovering what you are offering, taking an iPad is a great way to capture customer data and make potential sales. There is a plethora of ways to engage delegates including a real opportunity to do market research on new or existing products or services. 


The most important thing you can do to enough you put together an engaging and attractive stand is plan, plan and plan some more. As soon as you are booked for the exhibition, carefully construct your stand to perfection, there is little room for error as your competition will be VAST. Advance and thorough planning will pay off massively, leaving it last minute is simply, leaving your stand with a chance of not being as successful as it could be. 






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