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How To Create A Novelty Themed Trade Show Stand

Themed Trade Show Stand

When a novelty trade show stand executes their theme well, everybody on the exhibit floor starts buzzing about it. You start hearing things like “Did you see that Wizard of Oz stand?” or “You’ve got to check out that company that created a beach in their stand.”

Everybody wants to be “that stand”. Everybody remembers the company that did it. You wish your company had done a cool theme that had attendees flocking to stop by. If your company wants to give a themed trade show stand a try, here are some guidelines for success.

Don’t pick a novelty theme and overdo it or that cheapens your reputation. Choose a novelty theme that is a good match to your company’s mission and products. Go for tasteful and memorable rather than tacky! 

There is a fine line between memorable and corny…

Don’t pick a novelty theme and do it half way. The novelty trade show stands that are successful tie in the theme with all aspects of their stand (products, staff clothing, giveaways, and maybe more).

Remember this isn’t all fun and games, you are at the trade show for a reason. Make sure your theme converts your visitors into qualified leads.

Have an activity in your themed trade show stand that ties in with your products or company mission. This creates a user experience that can stay with a prospect long after the show.

Create a giveaway that will be cool enough or practical enough for the prospect not to throw it away after the show (or give it to their kids to play with), something that will be of value to your ideal customer. 

The key is making a memorable experience by integrating the novelty theme with your company name, mission and products. When this is done well, you are sure to be popular and remembered.

Here are some themes for a novelty trade show stand that are not considered a cliché.


There are many to choose from, find one that relates to your company. Examples are famous cities, landmarks, or major attractions.

Nature or Outdoors

Does your company sell gear that is used outdoors? Create the ideal setting or situations that solve your target audiences pain points. Examples are camping or hiking scenes if you sell active wear or equipment, a beach scene if you sell sunscreen or sunglasses, the ideas are endless.


There are so many sports to choose from. The successful novelty trade show stand picks one and does a thorough job of executing it.

Fairy Tales

If you are a service-based company or your mission helps makes people’s dreams come true, consider the many fairy tale stories that can be integrated with your company’s mission.

Hall of Fame or Museum

If your products have been around for years and had popular models that were big in the industry, either of these novelty themes could highlight your company’s long-standing quality and credibility in a fun way. Create a visual ‘story timeline” showing the journey of your company and the development of products. 

Whatever novelty themed trade show stand you go for, create a quality experience for the trade show attendee that is so memorable they will want to do business with you.

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