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How to Integrate QR Codes into Your Exhibition Marketing

using quick response codes in exhibitionsHave you ever been flicking through a magazine, watching a television show, or walking the floor at an exhibition and seen a funny barcode-like square and wondered what it was?

These QR (or quick response) codes are experiencing a popularity boom right now and it’s all thanks to the rise of the smart phone. But what exactly are they, and how can you utilise them in your 2013 exhibition marketing mix?

A quick overview of the quick response code

QR codes are a two-dimensional barcode invented by the Japanese in 1994. Using a smart-phone, people scan the code and receive a free download, see a specific advert, or get directed to a web page.

In terms of marketing, this is hugely powerful. But as an event marketer, you need to think outside the box. You need to be integrating QR codes into your exhibition marketing. And here’s how:

1. On your name badge and business card

Capturing leads is one of the main goals of your exhibition marketing. Even so, it can be tricky when working at a busy event.

To make this easier – for both your prospective clients and people who may be interested in working with you –include QR codes on your name badge and business cards. A scanable code on a name badge can capture and securely store peoples’ information.

Use the code to display your contact information, website addresses, and even an image. This will help keep you memorable, and keep your captured information secure.

2. On your exhibition stand

Integrating QR codes into your exhibition stand is one of the best ways to pack a punch with your display. By including them where you can, you show prospects that you’re tech-savvy and extremely on top of your marketing game.

QR codes in exhibition marketing are nothing new. However, the way we use them and the content they display, can change. Why not use them as a competition entry for a giveaway? Or to bag a sale, quickly and securely?

There are a whole host of things QR codes can be used for. Think outside the box, and incorporate them into your display to really stand out from the competition.

3. On your printed business literature

You should never underestimate the power of printed marketing. Especially at a trade show.

Including QR codes on flyers, product brochures, and business cards is one of the easiest ways to give your customers the extra information they need. Whether they show a product demonstration, open up your website, or help you bag a sale; integrating QR codes in this way is simple but highly effective.

If you want to modernise your exhibition marketing, there is no easier way to do so than with QR codes. They can help your marketing pack a punch, and help your trade show display stand out from the crowd.


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