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How To Make Your Trade Show Display Stand Out


In row upon row of 10×10 booths, all of them using similar displays and graphics, how can your trade show display stand out?

Here are some tips to set yourself apart from the rest of the lemmings.

Try a Photo for Your Backdrop

Most companies use large logos or a solid coloured wall as their backdrop. Consider using a large photo as your background, something similar to a mural. Photos aren’t as widely used and can be quite eye-catching. It is most important that you choose a good, very high quality photo.

Consider hiring a marketing consultant to do this if you don’t already have one in-house. There will be a lot riding on the success of the image chosen. They are worth the money.

Keep Your Signage Simple

For the rest of the signage in your booth, keep it simple and easy to scan. Trade show attendees can have a lot on their mind and their senses can be overwhelmed and tired from seeing hundreds or thousands of booths in just a few hours time.

There are just a few seconds for attendees to see what you’re about. Make sure you they can scan who you are and what you do or offer in 2-3 seconds.

Show Key Words at Eye Level

On that note, place the key words you want to convey at eye level. People will look left and right as they stroll up and down the trade show floor aisles, but rarely will they look up or down.

Use Technology and Social Media to Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out

Now that you have your booth designed to stand out from the rest, use social media to build anticipation and intrigue.

Remember when planning your trade show strategy (yes, you should have one), to start mentioning that you will be at the show and your booth number. This info can appear on your website, in any email communications to customers and prospects, on your packing list, or a sticker on the outside of your packages.

Start sprinkling the news on your social media channels as well. This is where you can start talking about what they can see or who they can talk to if they come to your booth. If you will be showcasing something a little different let them know there will be a surprise and even offers some teaser posts or a competition. 

Major tip: Be sure to use the show’s hashtags so you are seen with other posts from the show. There are decision makers who aren’t going to the show but will still check it out on social media. Make sure you are one of those “seen at the dance”, as they say.

There are other ways to make your booth stand out through the activity that goes on in your booth.

Virtual Reality Glasses

All the cool kids have them. Be one of the first to incorporate it in your booth. Set up a campaign that integrates a virtual experience with your product. People will stop just to try the virtual reality glasses (or whatever the latest gadget is). This gives you the opportunity to interact and show you are up with the latest tech when it comes to connecting with your prospects.

Try Proximity Marketing

It’s the next stage of location-based marketing. As people get closer to your booth, messages are sent to their mobile that your booth is close and you have a special offer or invite them to play your game or enter for your special giveaway. Check out iBeacon and other proximity marketing services that are bringing this new platform to the marketing game.

Host a Game with Prizes

You know when there is something cool or valuable coming from the trade show floor, it is buzzing through the rest of the show. “Did you hear about…?” and “Did you see what XYZ Company is doing at their booth?” Be that booth that people are talking about.

Create a game that plays into what your industry find amusing and relevant. If it is promoted well, has the right execution, and has prizes people really want, then people don’t mind giving up their contact info for a chance at playing and winning.

The cliche is true. Think outside the box when trying to stand out. Go just a bit outside the norm to get people’s attention. However, the other cliche that “less is more” is also true. Take the Google home page for example. They made and made a minimal home page their brand.

Know your brand. Communicate well. Have a strategy from pre-show to post-show.

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