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How To Measure Exhibition Success…

 The amount of effort and careful planning that goes into planning an exhibition showcase, so how do you measure your expectations of success when it’s all over? Understanding how to measure the success of your exhibition efforts should be part of the planning process and in this post we are going to help you understand where to measure your success…



Having a good grasp of what you want to achieve and what goals you are setting out for the exhibition should be the entire foundation of your planning and preparation for your efforts. Knowing your goals and what you expect to achieve will not only help you stay focused on completing them whilst exhibiting, but will also help you measure how well you have done when it’s all over.


Once the exhibition has finished you should have a good amount of data and leads to work through from potential and existing customers. The amount of data from prospects and the quality of it can be a great way to measure the success of your efforts.


The revenue that your company generates directly from a trade show can be difficult to estimate. It is rare for sales to be made immediately and as a result, leads can take months, even years to be converted into customers and then eventually into sales.

However, your exhibition success can be indicated by your ROI (return on investment).

Leads collected and converted into customers come from two sources:

1) New customers

2) Existing customers

A great way to measure the exhibition success, is to track revenue from leads to new customers and work out how much business you will generate with these new customers over the year ahead. Next, calculate business from existing customers that can be attributed to the show. Moreover, a projection of potential customers that could develop from leads to customers may also be tracked.

The last thing you need to do is add together the actual, and projected revenue from new and existing customers, then compare this revenue with the costs of the show to calculate the ROI from leads.


A great way to measure the success of your exhibition is to get feedback from the team who worked it. Getting feedback will really help you to develop a great understanding of what went well and what didn’t. It will also help you establish the rooms for improvements both in the team and within the future of your exhibiting efforts.


The best thing you can do after an exhibition to move forward with either your next exhibition plans or general business/sales practice, is learn from your wins and learn from mistakes made. Your success won’t just be measured in the money you’re about to make from new business, but also from gaining a better understanding of your target market, their demands and your business flaws. 


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