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How to Optimise Your Exposure at Tradeshows

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You’ve done your research, you’ve spent the money, you’ve had RB Design create the most attractive, engaging exhibition stand and you’re ready to rock and roll!

Or are you?

Here are some of the top areas where stands who’ve done all of the above come short:


The friendliness and energy at your stand should be palpable (not overwhelming though)! A positive, energetic team manning your stand is sure to make a better impact on your potential clients & customers than staff that look bored and wishing they were elsewhere.

Well Trained

Along with friendliness, comes the importance of well-trained informed staff. The worst thing for people enquiring about your product is when the staff member can only repeat a script about the product – In other words, they only know what they’ve been told to say, rather than having a deeper understanding about the offering.

This level of engagement should be encouraged by having senior members of staff at the stand who are able to answer more advanced questions. It’s also really important that staff are well briefed, so that they are comfortable answering tricky questions such as someone asking about how the product compares to a competing product.

A very important skill to ensure your staff have is the skill of asking questions and listening to the answer – Herein lies the pearls that will help them make a sale or have a customer want to engage further with your business.

Easy Info Access & Take-away

Have FAQ info close at hand to give to people as a take away – But make sure it is really useful and answers their most pressing questions. If it’s just another piece of paper that they’re going to chuck out when they get home, it’s better to save a tree!

Follow up

Following up with customers after the show is so important, and not just a generic e-mail, but ideally a human contact e-mail referring to the conversation that was had at the trade show, if at all possible. Make sure to collect customer contact details. It’s tricky to keep track of all the conversations you have during these busy days, but a good way to do it is to write the name of the person and a couple of key words about the conversation you had with that person, then pick up on these in your e-mail or phone call.

It shows that you actually paid attention to them and the conversation you had with them was remembered. People are impressed by this as it’s so rare, but as the old adage goes, “People do business with people they like”


And last but not least, do a review of what went well & what could be improved on next time. This is a crucial step (although often missed) for your continued improvement. Involve all your staff who were at the trade show in this feedback.

Different people bring different, valuable input and your team will feel more committed to making the next event an even better experience for the customer, if they feel that their comments and feedback are valued.

For everything else, leave it to RB Design and we’ll take care of it, so that you can focus on what you’re best at – Your business!


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