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How to Store Your Trade Show Display Between Exhibitions

Store your trade show display

How to Secure Your Trade Show Display Investment with the Right Storage

The Show is over, you have successful exhibited your company and got some good leads. Your double decker display was the gem of the exhibit and drew the eye of almost every person in the trade show.

Now…where to put this monstrosity?

I bet you didn’t think about that when you encouraged the designers to go higher and add all the works to your wondrous display!

Not to worry here is our advice on making sure you don’t have to burn it down, just in case you are clueless as to what to do next with your display once the show is over. Storing your display for future use is the way to go; here are a few pointers: 

The Benefits of Storage for Your Trade Show Display

Storing your custom made exhibit display in the correct manner allows you to make use of that display for years to come. You can avoid the expense of having to redesign a display from scratch every year, simply by tweaking your old display to your new ideas and styles as the years role by.

What to look for when sourcing your Exhibit Storage Facility

The point of good storage is to ensure that your display maintains the same excellent condition and quality every time you bring it out. Make sure that the storage facility protects and in fact does not harm your display by doing a quick assessment of the facilities. Make sure the place where your trade show display is to be stored is dry, damp free and clean. 

Pay special attention to the following: 

The Temperature Control

Spikes and drops in the storage temperature can cause your display to warp or deteriorate due to the continuous shrinking and expanding of materials. Seek an atmosphere controlled storage facility.

Pest Control

Pests like mice will nibble on anything, and various other pests can easily destroy your display. The storage facility must be secure from pests. Ask if they have insurance against your goods being damaged. 


It is essential that you store your display in a facility that is protected against flooding and dampness.

If all this seems like too much, there is another option. We have a stock of displays that we can hire to you as needed. Contact us to discuss the best options for you. 


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