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International Exhibiting – How We Can Help You Succeed at Home or Abroad

Last week was a hectic one for us.

In the space of 6 days we helped people just like you exhibit in six different cities all over the world. We helped Oracle exhibit in Monaco, and Symantec showcase their services in Birmingham.

The 6 shows, which took place between 4th and 9th November, saw us at our busiest yet. The RB Design & Display team helped clients exhibit at events in London, Hamburg, Liverpool, and Dublin.

We helped transport both modular and custom stands 100’s of miles to make sure they were ready to go upon arrival.

Why your business should exhibiting internationally

International exhibiting is a great way to maximise your sales and boost your visibility worldwide. Here, we’re going to share with you our 12 top tips for international marketing to help you succeed both here and abroad:

1. Make sure you’ve brushed up on your international etiquette. We shake hands in Britain, but in Asia for example, any body contact should be avoided.

2. Get to know the significance of colours and numbers. For example, the Chinese associate the number 4 with death, and the colour green with adultery so should be avoided. Make sure you bare this in mind when thinking about your exhibition graphics.

3. Learn the language or hire a translator. Don’t assume everyone speaks English, and make an effort to communicate effectively. Be careful though – language is tricky and one slipup can end up being really embarrassing for your business.

4. As with any exhibition, spaces can go quickly so make sure you reserve your spot early. You may have to put your name down up to 18 months in advance so get looking, and make sure you’re prepared.

5. As you would at home, make sure you establish a budget and stick to it. International exhibiting will cost more than attending an event at home, so make sure you factor in any extra costs.

6. Understand currency conversion rates to make sure that you can stick to this budget. Leave room for fluctuations in exchange rates, and make sure that you can afford the costs abroad.

7. Speak to us about investing in a portable exhibition stand. Portable stands are easily transported overseas, but don’t lose any of the impact of a more permanent fixture.

8. Just because you’re abroad, you shouldn’t forget your marketing. Make sure you reach out to customers and prospects before the event to create a bit of a buzz about the show.

9. Perhaps one of the most important tips, is to make sure your products comply with international law. Some companies are very strict on things like testing and components, so do your research and make sure you’re complying.

10. Prepare shipping and transportation for your products and stands well in advance of the show. If you leave things to the 11th hour you may struggle to get everything sent over on time.

11. It is important that you take properly trained staff to your international exhibition. A properly manned stand can make the difference between success and failure, so make sure everyone knows what they’re doing.

12. Following up leads after your international trade show is really important. Use telephone calls, emails, direct mail, and social media to convert those leads into sales.

To find out more about how we can help you exhibit internationally, get in touch with a member of the team today.


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