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Is It Time for a New Tradeshow Booth?

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There are so many factors to consider when thinking about purchasing a new tradeshow booth. It’s not just the budget and the design, although those are big factors.

Here are some questions to ponder to help with the decision process.

What is working and isn’t working with the current tradeshow booth?

Take stock of what your booth does well and where it falls short. Does it provide great product placement but has no room for people to stand inside to talk? Are the pieces starting to look tattered and worn, especially to visitors to your booth (sometimes we get so used to how things look we don’t even notice)?

How does the tradeshow booth compare are your competitors’ booths?

Perception counts. When potential customers are walking down the tradeshow aisles and see your booth and your competitors booth, how do you look? Even if you are the most reliable service provider or have the higher quality products, if your booth doesn’t make a good impression, you’re missing out on new customers.

Everyone wants to have a bigger budget for their tradeshow booth. It’s hard to compete with the company who has the larger space and better booth set-up. However, great impressions can still be made with a modest yet impactful booth, friendly and knowledgable staff, and a clean and modern appearance.

Does the current tradeshow booth fit the company’s needs?

Do you have new products to display but not enough room? Do you have too much open space or not enough? Is there adequate space for extra supplies? Is the space sufficient for staff to meet with people and move around in a professional manner? 

Does the current booth represent your marketshare in your industry?

Are you one of the largest providers of a product or service in your area or industry yet your booth creates the impression that you are just one of the average suppliers? Again, even if you choose not to put a lot of money into a tradeshow booth, there are ways to communicate your place in the industry.

Are the shipping costs for the booth justifiable?

Tradeshow booth materials have become lighter and can be packaged in smaller crates or containers. Older booths that were made of real wood and metal and cost a lot to ship which can add up over time depending on how many shows your company does in a year. Consider shopping around for quotes for your current booth design with the latest in booth materials. You might be pleasantly surprised.

We have a great selection of professional looking trade show booths. Talk to us for more information.


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