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Last Minute Exhibition? Nail It With Our Top Tips

Impulsive business decisions can really pay off if you learn how to prepare yourself last minute. Should you find yourself needing to plan and prepare for a very last minute exhibition, we totally understand why you might be panicking. Most exhibitions plans are months in the making, but if time is not on your side, RB Displays have some fantastic top tips for getting it together last minute. 


If you’re pushed for time, it’s really important to put together a to do list, in order of urgency. Your to do list should cover all bases and delegation should be easy to distribute as you work on putting on your exhibition in a limited amount of time. 

Using your to do list as your time frame will give you clarity when making sure those high priority tasks are ticked off as soon as they possibly can be. Your to do list should be your most prize possession in the lead up to your exhibition, and being strict with it, is of the upmost importance. 


One of the most challenging issues to overcome is putting together a stand display that is actually half decent in less than half the usual time given to complete it. Luckily, you can still create and design an exhibition stand with high quality results, especially when working with RB Displays.

Be open to creative design, but be mindful that your short amount of time to put this together can have a negative impact if you bite off more than can chew, being moderately creative will suit. You can still design a fantastic display, but overworking and stressing yourself out over a severely complex design will not pay off on the day. Keep it creative but simple, and as always RB Displays can help you get to work with that.


If you yourself have a hand in some graphic design or you have someone in house that can get the job done in a timely fashion, then you’re in luck! You can design your exhibition stand graphics using Photoshop, with the correct dimensions and you will save on your budget. If you’re not so handy with Photoshop or familiar with graphic design in general, you will need to outsource and be prepared to pay for it. 

We really do advise investing in a graphic designer that will provide high quality results, versus trying to do it yourself as this could be extremely detrimental to your exhibition. Time is not on your side and the room for error is minuscule. We really recommend using freelance platforms to find a graphic designer who can commit to creating your designs, whilst adhering to a budget you have in mind. Again, be mindful that you are asking for last minute results, and preparing for the likely chance that you will need to pay more is advised. 

If you are looking for help with a last minute exhibition project, RB Displays would be happy to support you and advise on the best course of action depending on the time you have to work with. 


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