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09.01.17 Creating a Trade Show Display for Christmas – Lessons Learned


Creating a trade show display during the Christmas season can be challenging and also very rewarding!  We know the Christmas season has passed now and you probably don’t want to think about it at all, but now is an ideal time to take stock of what worked with your Christmas trade show display, what didn’t […]

02.01.17 How To Make Your Trade Show Display Stand Out

In row upon row of 10×10 booths, all of them using similar displays and graphics, how can your trade show display stand out? Here are some tips to set yourself apart from the rest of the lemmings. Try a Photo for Your Backdrop Most companies use large logos or a solid coloured wall as their […]

29.11.16 How to Be Successful During a Trade Show


If you’ve been working the trade show circuit for a while you know what it takes to be reach your targets and that is what’s expected of you. You know what needs to be done and if you are not careful it’s easy to start running on auto-pilot. You can recite your sales pitch in your […]

29.11.16 Trade Shows Versus the Rise of the Internet

The growth of the internet, for better or for worse has affected many of the traditional ways to collect information, advertise oneself and do business. Many industries have been forced to adapt or to fade away. It’s Actually A Win – Win Situation. The Trade Show industry has benefited largely from the rise of the […]

03.11.16 The Top 5 Most Luxurious Exhibitions in the World!


  5. The Sustainable Luxury Fair “We identify actors of change and promote innovative projects/products that are redefining the future” and they have being doing a great job at is so far. Focusing mostly on four areas which are  the Marketplace, Contemporary Art Expo, the Future Lab, and Conference. The exhibition has over 5000 visitors […]

03.11.16 The Power of a Smile


The Language of a Smile We know this language. We have spoken it for centuries. We learned that it opens doors and makes friends. The universal act of a smile is recognised by everyone. It communicates kindness, goodness, and sends a nice feeling to those who give it and receive it. A smile is understood […]

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