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29.11.16 Trade Shows Versus the Rise of the Internet

The growth of the internet, for better or for worse has affected many of the traditional ways to collect information, advertise oneself and do business. Many industries have been forced to adapt or to fade away. It’s Actually A Win – Win Situation. The Trade Show industry has benefited largely from the rise of the […]

03.11.16 The Top 5 Most Luxurious Exhibitions in the World!


  5. The Sustainable Luxury Fair “We identify actors of change and promote innovative projects/products that are redefining the future” and they have being doing a great job at is so far. Focusing mostly on four areas which are  the Marketplace, Contemporary Art Expo, the Future Lab, and Conference. The exhibition has over 5000 visitors […]

03.11.16 The Power of a Smile


The Language of a Smile We know this language. We have spoken it for centuries. We learned that it opens doors and makes friends. The universal act of a smile is recognised by everyone. It communicates kindness, goodness, and sends a nice feeling to those who give it and receive it. A smile is understood […]

05.10.16 The Trade Show Red Carpet: The Best and Worst Dressed List

  People-watching at a trade show is second best to only an airport or a department store. You see all kinds. However, we’re not talking about the trade show attendees here, we’re talking about the booth staff. Yes, you, with the company shirts and chinos! If you are a seasoned exhibitor, then you know how […]

30.08.16 The History of Trade & Commercial Exhibitions & Fairs


  We were curious and began wondering when and where trade fairs (also known as shows, expos or exhibitions) all began. As you know a huge amount of money, both in the actual exhibitions as well as the marketing of the events, is invested in these fairs. These trade or commercial events are specifically put […]

30.08.16 Is It Time for a New Tradeshow Booth?

  There are so many factors to consider when thinking about purchasing a new tradeshow booth. It’s not just the budget and the design, although those are big factors. Here are some questions to ponder to help with the decision process. What is working and isn’t working with the current tradeshow booth? Take stock of […]

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