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How to Properly Man Your Exhibition Stand

Choosing the right exhibition stand for your needs is important. Manning it correctly whilst exhibiting is essential. Whatever the size of your business and no matter what you’re exhibiting; this is the one thing that will have a major effect on your performance. Get this wrong, and you could lose the sale. In this post we look at some easy ways for you to properly man your stand, and make a great impression on your customers and industry peers:

exhibition stand staffKnow Your Goals

Before you exhibit, get together with your team and discuss your goals for the event. Do you want to make a certain number of sales? Are you looking to sign up 100 people to your mailing list? Or do you just want to get your name out there? Once you know what you’re looking to achieve, you can work towards these goals.


When exhibiting at a trade show or networking event, you are representing your business and your product. This means it’s important to give a good impression. You should be dressed smartly, but appropriately. Flat shoes are probably a sensible option as you’ll be on your feet all day. It would also be smart to layer your clothes, that way if it’s too warm or cold you can easily take off, or add on layers.


Whoever you chose to man your stand, they need to be knowledgeable on both the products and the company. There would be nothing worse than you being unable to answer a customer’s question, and losing the sale. Make sure you can answer the most basic of questions about your products, as well as some more challenging ones. This will also help in product demonstrations


When exhibiting, make sure you take more than enough supplies with you. Be those pens, order forms, products, brochures, or business cards. It doesn’t give a very good impression if you don’t have any as it makes you look unprepared and unprofessional. Advice would be to take more that you’ll need to be on the safe side.

Handy Hints

Some more helpful hints for managing your exhibition stand include:

  • Make sure you’re enthusiastic, and talk to your customers on their level. If you’re bored of your product, they won’t buy it so really big it up – without making false claims.
  • Check you have a separate area to speak to customers privately and comfortably.
  • Don’t stand around looking bored. Even if no-one is at your stand make sure you look warm and approachable. Standing around talking will deter customers so make sure you’re always ready to deal with an enquiry.
  • Utilize the power of AV equipment, lighting, and music to really make the best of your stand and products

For more helpful hints and tips don’t hesitate to contact us.


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