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New Trade Show Technology for Your Stand

Trade show technology

What new trade show technology can you use at your trade show stand the year?

While the tech ideas mentioned below aren’t exclusive to trade shows, they are being used effectively at trade shows.

Add one of these new technologies to your trade show stand to show potential customers your company is keeping up with the times. Check out these new trade show technology ideas.

Virtual Reality Glasses

All the cool kids have them. Be one of the first to incorporate this new trade show technology at your booth. Set up a campaign that integrates a virtual experience with your product. People will stop just to try the virtual reality glasses! This gives you the opportunity to show you are up with the latest tech when it comes to connecting with your prospects.


The iconic trade show lanyard is about to have a makeover. Scanning the name badge with a data collection machine is starting to fade away. The new wearable technology (iWatch, fitbit, etc.) is creating the environment for trade show exhibitors to collect effortlessly.

The data collection device can be placed anywhere in the exhibitor’s trade show stand. The device could track all the visitors to the stand. Other devices can contain RFID chips to gather more information about the visitor so exhibitors can qualify their prospects.

Try Proximity Marketing

This new trade show technology is the next stage of location-based marketing. As people get closer to your booth, messages are sent to their mobile that your booth is close and you have a special offer or invite them to play your game or enter for your special giveaway. Check out iBeacon and other proximity marketing services that are bringing this new platform to the marketing game.

Printed brochures are so last millennium.

Digital Brochures

Flat screen monitors are not new trade show technology, but think about the new ways you can use them. Trade show attendees are known for taking a brochure, lugging a bag of brochures around the show, then trashing them (well, hopefully recycling them) once they get back to the office.

It is heartbreaking but it’s true – Most people who take one of your brochures will never, ever read it! 

Rethink this part of your trade show strategy and you can create a more enjoyable (and environmentally-friendly) way of getting your information into the hands of potential customers.

Instead of paying for the printing and shipping of all those wasteful brochures, buy a flat screen monitor and place it in your trade show stand. Loop some graphics or create a video of content that you would normally put in a brochure. You can change or update the content easily and inexpensively for each trade show if needed.

When prospects are interested, give them a business card instead with a special url where this content can be seen again. They can more easily carry around a business card and send that link to their coworkers or industry connections. Hashtags are also useful here. 

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