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Planning A Trade Show? How To Prioritise Your Trade Show Equipment

We have talked at length about establishing your ‘what, why and how’ when it comes to planning a trade show, what are you hoping to achieve from it? Why are you investing your time and business budget into this? How can you make it a success? All questions that you should know the answer to before you even begin designing and putting a vision together for your trade show set up, stands and equipment. 

In this post we’re taking a closer look at how you should be prioritising your trade show equipment, which pieces will have the biggest and best impact on your audience?

Your top priority when it comes to equipment should be the design and layout of your stand itself, both the frame and the design will have the biggest impact on your audience as it will be the first thing they see and it is usually the largest piece of equipment you will use. A well designed display with the right components, offering a unique experience that has the right combination of technology and graphics.

The trade show stand you design should accommodate and adapt to the products or services you want to promote. A car company promoting a new model they would usually intend to use as a demo vehicle for people to sit on, so will need a stand that is large enough to accommodate the vehicle. A gym trade show stand might need space for their latest exercise bikes or treadmills. A software company promoting their latest software will need laptop or tablets for demonstrations which means the stand will need to accommodate for that.

It’s not just the look or feel of a display stand that will sell your brand or business, it’s the entire customer experience, so ensuring that you are offering an engaging and unique experience for prospects should be a top priority. Prioritising your design and getting your message across is the key to success at trade shows and putting as much energy and thought as you can into that aspect of your trade show planning is essential.

At RB Displays we have worked with some of the biggest brands in the UK, helping them to design and bring to life their brand and their message. If you are interested in creating a unique and immersive experience for your prospects and customers at a trade show in 2020, we would love to help! 


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