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Preparing For A Summer Of Trade Shows – Planning Ahead


Here are a few tips to help you get prepared for your trade show this summer, so you’re not running around at the last minute or panicking about what you forgot.

1. Ask yourself WHY you are participating in this trade show?

Identify the value this specific trade show will offer your company and what impact it will have on your overall marketing and sales strategy. Once you’ve figured this out, do some research to see which customers or potential customers may be attending the show.

2. Get organised for the show

Set objectives for the trade show such as product sales, leads generated and publicity secured. Develop a marketing scheme for pre-show marketing, at-show marketing and post-show marketing.

3. Ensure your team are prepared

Before you even get into the complexity of your booth, figure out how impactful your team is when it comes to one on one conversation. Investing in more space or out of this world booths should never outweigh the training and development that your team needs to be impactful when the show starts. Your team and not your booth are the face of your company and overall success depends on them and not on any physical component.

Identify your booth needs as we as the exhibitors resources for booth accessories, banners, marketing collateral, equipment and promotional items.

4. Back to training and development

Draft a compelling sales message that brings out the key factors that need to be communicated at the trade show. Make it 30 seconds or less and get your staff to rehearse until they are comfortable with it. It’s great to give your team a starting point to the conversation that gets out all the facts and can then allow them to relax and have a meaningful conversations with potential clients.


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