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Shell Clad System – What They Are and Why You Should Use One

At RB Design & Display, we pride ourselves on providing the perfect solution for you. Whatever your business, budget, or trade show; we can help you identify the best exhibition stand. We can also help you overcome a whole host of potential pitfalls.

One of the biggest problems face by many exhibitors is a lack of space.

Trade shows can be quite crowded, and some exhibition stands can take up a lot of your allocated space. If this is a problem you’ve experienced with regular trade show booths, maybe it’s time you tried a Shell Clad system:

What are Shell Clad systems?

Shell Clad systems are a simple yet pioneering way of making the most of your floor space at a trade show. They consist of an aluminium framework – often supplied as standard when you book your space.

This creates a solid structure abound the edge of your pitch. Companies like you can then attach your own graphic panels or posters to the framework, seamlessly. Simply slide your panels into the framework and let the graphics do the talking.

And it’s as simple as that. You have a ready-made trade show booth, perfect for enclosed client meetings or product demonstrations. It’s up to you how you use the space allocated, but a Shell Clad fixture takes away your space worries.

Why should we use one?

For companies on a budget, this is a great solution.

A Shell Clad fixture will give the impression of a continuous wall display, with the convenience of a portable or modular stand. With Velcro fixings, these exhibition stands are so easy to construct and take down. This leaves you more time to capture leads, and make the most of your trade show.

The panels of a Shell Clad system are completely customisable. We’ll work closely with you to create eye-catching designs that define your business. By leaving your mark on these panels, a Shell Clad system can prove to be the perfect solution to your trade show marketing needs.

No space is wasted and you get maximum ROI – what could be better?

Example of a Shell Clad system in action

Here is a great example of a Shell Clad system in action.

We recently created this exhibition stand for BRS’ latest trade show. As you can see, the system takes full advantage of the space available. The graphics speak for themselves, and the stand is a great solution for limited space.

If you’d like to discuss these stands with us further, send us a message today.


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