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The Benefits of Using a Tension Fabric System

Tension Fabric System for Samsung

Tension Fabric Systems are a unique and innovative way to pack a punch at your next exhibition.

Portable, durable, and fully customisable; they’re the perfect banner display for any size trade show, conference, or any other location where an eye-catching display is required. Whatever your requirements and space limitations, Tension Fabric Systems are a cost-effective choice.

We recently built a series of these systems for our client, technology giant Samsung.

Here are some of the benefits of using a Tension Fabric System, and why you should consider one for your next event:

1. Customisable

Available in a whole host of designs including:

  • Freestanding flat panels
  • Curved panels
  • Wall mounted
  • Privacy pods
  • Micro-single sided (using multiple panels to showcase one large image)
  • And more

These systems really are the ideal solution for any trade show requirement. Due to the flexible nature of the stands, they can be used to fill any floor space – no matter how limited. As well as the shape and size, we can also customise the design.

That means we can print anything you like on your system, providing you with the perfect way to get your marketing message across. This makes this type of system a great alternative to custom exhibition stands for people on a reduced budget.

The integral system channel allows the easy attachment of accessories, meaning you can purchase one display and customise it for various purposes and events. The freestanding panels are available in double or single sided varieties.

2. Portable

A Tension Fabric System from RB Design & Display comes folded in a lightweight, wheeled bag. Everything fits in perfectly, and the lightweight display stand doesn’t weigh a tonne. In fact, the lightweight system is portable, and easy to transport to any event.

These durable bags also ensure you can store your stand safely. Whether you exhibit regularly, or every once in a while, you can store your stand securely so it is perfect for use next time. This saves you from paying for storage, or finding out your stand is damaged in the future.

3. Easy to install

It is easier than you might expect to install one of these systems.

Simply push the silicone strip around the edge of your fabric display into the solid frame, and away you go. This makes it extremely easy to change the fabric display as and when you need to; ensuring your display is always up to daye.

Framed varieties then screw straight into the wall, or can be mounted using the brackets provided. Larger and freestanding varies come equipped with robust stands to keep your exhibition booth standing all day.

As you can see, Tension Fabric Systems are a robust and eye catching alternative to larger exhibition stands. Their versatility means they can be used in a whole host of locations, and will always get your marketing message across.

To find out more, you can download our brochure or contact us today.


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