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The Power of a Smile


The Language of a Smile

We know this language. We have spoken it for centuries. We learned that it opens doors and makes friends.

The universal act of a smile is recognised by everyone. It communicates kindness, goodness, and sends a nice feeling to those who give it and receive it.

A smile is understood in all languages and cultures, even the jungle culture that is the trade show.

Yet somewhere in the middle of that jungle we forgot how much a smile can do for ourselves and others. So while this isn’t breaking news, it is a reminder of value of a smile.

A Smile Can Improve Our Mood

First, let’s start with ourselves. If you are tired from traveling and setting up the trade show booth, and the bed in the hotel wasn’t that comfortable, smiling isn’t really something that we want to do come show time when the doors to the exhibit hall open.

You’ve put in some hours already for this show and you know what a long day you have ahead. However, as you have probably heard, smiling can trick your brain into feeling better. We’re not talking about a quick upturn of the lips, we’re talking about a full second or two of real genuine smiling. It actually produces chemical changes in your body and encourages endorphins to be released.

Give it a try, you might be surprised how this “old” trick works.

A Smile Makes Us Approachable

Now that you’ve got yourself feeling a bit better, let’s turn to look at those around us. Our booth mates who’ve have had the same experience as you’d had and are likely feeling the same way as you do, looking to muster up the energy to have a good day. 

Flash them a smile and they may start to feel better. Next, start smiling at those caffeinated attendees who are starting to trickle in. They might be weary traveler themselves knowing they have this trade show floor to walk for a few hours looking for a new product or service for their company.

Show them your pearly whites and before you know it you have exchanged some friendly words and you’re booking your first sales calls.

A Smile is Contagious

This we have heard before because it is true.

When someone passes us in the aisle on the trade show floor and smiles, it can be like a little glimmer of sunshine. You know the scene. You have been talking to people for a few hours straight. Giving your sales pitch and product demo and making small talk in between. You are ready for a break and you don’t want to interact with anyone else until you’ve had one.

You are walking through the aisle on your way to get some food or step outside for some fresh air. For a brief moment you make eye contact with a passer-by and they flash you a smile. In that second, you actually relax and even flash a smile back.

Oh that smile is a powerful thing.

So remember the power that a smile holds for you and everyone else as you are making your way through the hours and days of a trade show. It can improve your mood, boost your enthusiasm, brighten someones day, and even get you a extra few sales calls.


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