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The Show Before the Show!

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While a lot of effort goes into the trade show booth itself, the real work happens in the communications that go on before the trade show.

Case studies have shown that companies who conduct a pre-show marketing campaign increase their booth track by 45%. However, the real key is to attract qualified traffic to your booth, not just any traffic.

Here are some marketing ideas to help your trade show be as successful as possible.

Request and Qualify the Registered Attendee List

The key here is to qualify the attendees. Some of the people on the show’s attendee list will be your competitors. Segment the list into qualified prospects and current customers. Create different marketing communications for each segment.

Market Early and Often

Prospective customers who aren’t going to the show might need ample time to plan and budget for travel expenses to attend the show. Depending on the show, ample time could be months or weeks.

Send an Invitation, Not a Postcard

Create an invitation-style mailing for those special prospects that you really want to impress. Everyone sends a postcard. Court your prospects with a special request to meet with your representatives at a show party or special gathering your company is hosting. Include a free pass to the exhibit floor or show party that is tough to get and a business card from their potential representative.

Market to Your Current Customers

All communication that comes from your company (invoices, packages, emails, letters) can include a message that you are exhibiting at the show. Remember to include your booth number so customers don’t have to search for it. Create a sticker than can be put on every package or brochure that you mail to current and prospective customers.

Create a Show-specific Landing Page on Your Website

Advertise on your home page that you will be exhibiting or presenting at the show. Include your booth number for easy reference. A link to this landing page will be can also be included in any emails sent by your company.

The landing page should mention the benefits of visiting your booth.

-What products will be at your booth to see and try?

-Will you be showing a new prototype of a product?

-Will a product designer or engineer be at the show to answer questions or discuss new features you are considering?

Also include:

-Conference sessions for which your company representatives will be speaking or presenting.

-Social gatherings that your representatives will be attending

-Any press releases you have created for the event.

-Dates and times for the exhibit floor hours

-Names and contact information for the staff that will be working the show.

Create a Time-limited Incentive for People to Visit Your Booth

Promote the fact that you have special giveaway. “The first 40 people to visit our booth will receive…”

Make sure it is a valuable enough to draw the prospect to your booth. Giveaways at trade show booths are numerous and usually cheap. Spend money on a few dozen good giveaways that are worth their time.

The pre-show marketing you do before a trade show allows you to build relationships throughout the year. Use it to your advantage. Make it an event that prospects and current customers would be sorry to miss.


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