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Timeless Tactics That Will Make Your Exhibition Successful

Exhibition success is an important element of your marketing plan if you decide to go down the trade show and exhibition route, to generate interest and sales for your business. The return of investment must be beneficial to you and your business, both in time and money, so getting  itright is imperative to make the marketing method sustainable for your business or brand. There are so many new innovative ways to attract prospects to your stands including technology like augmented reality. However, there are many timeless tactics that work just as well, if not better than some of the new, trending tactics, that will enable you to attract a good audience to your stand. 




You cannot deny the technology of today enables us to successfully connect with anyone and everyone that we need or want to include our target market, however there is something about face to face networking that still holds power when attracting customers and suppliers. Although the ease of connectivity is unrivalled by social media, Skype and email, the personal touch of putting faces to a business create a customer experience that you simply cannot achieve over the internet.


Assigning team members with meticulous attention to detail and organisation is key when it comes to designing a successful stand.  Creating a good flow throughout your stand and optimising consistency will ensure that your prospects won’t get bored or overwhelmed by your design, allowing them to take in your business information and focuses with ease. Something that is common at exhibitions and trade shows is the lack of use of space given to your business, make sure you are clear on the measurements of your area and utilise it. 


A really easy way to attract prospects to your stand is by offering a giveaway, competition or branded goody bags. Goody bags are commonly used at trade shows and a great return of investment. Include a bottle of water, a snack with a few inexpensive branded items, like pens or a key ring and lots of information on your business. Alternatively you could do a giveaway, whether this is a product of your own or not, make sure you capture some data whilst engaging prospects in giveaways, this allows you to stay in touch and could convert their competition entry into future sales. 


One of the most important elements to a successful stand is staying relevant. There are always new ideas being incorporated into exhibitions and trade shows, businesses will stop at nothing to make their exhibition the stand out of the entire show, and it’s important you go in with the same mentality. Keep an eye on other trade shows to see if you can spot a theme or pull ideas from other exhibitors that have been grabbing attention at trade shows. 


Keeping an eye on rival companies and other businesses in your industry who are exhibiting at trade shows prior to the ones you will be attending is a timeless tactic that works. Get a good idea of what their strength and weaknesses are, and build on those to be even better. Are you going to be attracted to the stand giving away pens or the stand giving away £500 in a free competition? Are you going to be attracted to the stand giving out leaflets or the stand with iPads and interactive displays? 




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