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Top Tech To Attract & Engage At Exhibitions



The use of technology to attract & engage people at exhibitions has been proven successful, but which top tech should you be using to get a buzz at your stand? We explore the interactive items that you can incorporate into your exhibition stand.


A great piece of technology to take with you to exhibitions, are iPads or tablets. Not only can you use them to interact with exhibitioners, but you can use it to gather data from potential customers and clients. You can upload your brochure, website and app to the iPad to engage people into your brand and business.


Virtual reality tech is something that many are interested in and fascinated by, so it can be worth having a headset on your stand that could relate to your brand or just add an element of fun to attract people to your stand. It is a good way to draw a crowd to your stand as virtual reality can make people perform some animated and hilarious movements when in full swing.


If you want to be extra unique and really stand out at an exhibition, nothing is more engaging or attractive than a piece of futuristic and innovative piece of tech like a robot. The possibilities are endless if you can afford to have a robot at your exhibition it can really make a difference to the traffic to your stand, understandably it’s not every day you see a robot. 


Live streaming is another way to engage people, again, the possibilities are endless on what content you could be live streaming as long as it is brand relevant. It is important for the live stream to give something to remember to the people watching that is consistent with your brand and what your goals are for this exhibition.

New technology is constantly evolving, and it is important to be aware of what is trending in technology as the market interest is huge, and the opportunities technology provides to personalise experiences and engagement with people are limitless. Using technology to gain a better understanding of what your customers want and need has never been easier thanks to technology and most business owners will agree that using tech to platform their brand is imperative to success. 



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