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What Makes A Great Conference Venue?

There is no use in having a great display for your conference if you don’t have a venue that will attract people into it. Your venue can be crucial to the success of your event and slots in with a fantastic layout and display in key components to the success. But what should you look for in a great conference venue?



Making sure your location is easy to find is first and foremost a key element to a great conference venue. Where your event is based plays a huge part in travel, accommodation and expenses for your attendees, so should be made as user friendly as possible. The best possible place for a conference is in a city location that is easy to access and a popular area of the city.


Making sure your location can facilitate the needs and wants of both you and your attendees is essential for success. Giving your attendees an event to remember can be assisted by adding additional facilities like a bar, and areas to network before and after the conference. It shows that you’re willing to go that extra mile for the people attending and comes across as a thoughtful gesture.


Making sure you have enough space to accommodate your attendees and your conference seems like a no brainer right?! A common mishap is underestimating the size of venue that you will need. Make sure you shop around for a wide variety of spaces and find the one that suits your conference best. 


Making sure you get your money’s worth can be difficult, because it’s something you will struggle to measure before the conference. Making sure that you get quotes and take note of which ones offer what and at what price, is a great way to gage the financial commitment you need to make to achieve your goals.

Overall, a great conference and a great venue go hand in hand and with so many places offering great venues across the UK, you will be spoilt for choice, wherever you are!


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