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What Should You Avoid When Planning Your Exhibition?

You won’t be the first or last business to make a mistake when it comes to exhibiting. For a lot of businesses, their first exhibition can often be more of a trial and error experiment rather than a success, but wouldn’t it be so much easier if you knew what you should avoid when planning your exhibition?

Tackling these common mistakes and areas to avoid aren’t actually that difficult, and repercussions of going head on with these obstacles will see you through to a more meticulously planned exhibition stand/display with the right message and attracting the right audience. RB Design & Displays have been taking a closer look at the things you should avoid when planning an exhibition…

The Placement And Arrangement Of Your Stand 

How you display your display should be a huge priority to your business. Making sure that it is well put together, and that it’s placement is in optimum position to attract your target audience. Paying attention to your lighting conditions too is a crucial factor too, without good lighting you will find it difficult to attract prospects and engage them in your display.

Not Communicating Your USP’s Properly With Your Display

It is so important to correctly communicate what your purpose and unique selling points are when exhibiting. Failing to get your point across, would be a catastrophic waste of your time and money. Creating eye catching and engaging content for your exhibition display is a key element to attracting, engaging and converting exhibitors into customers. The lack of an effectual message communication is a common drawback where exhibition booths are concerned. 

Not Generating Or Following Up With Leads

There is absolutely no point in exhibiting at all, if you don’t exercise a clever, organised way to generate leads. Making lead generation a priority and putting together a plan to get prospects details, will help you to measure the success and return on investment when it comes to exhibiting. You will also need to dedicate time to converting those leads into sales by following up on them and engaging further interest with the potential customers you connected with at the exhibition.

At RB Design & Displays, we have been working some of the biggest businesses in the UK to help them develop, create and execute their exhibition vision. We have a wealth of experience in every step of the exhibition process, and will even deliver and install your display stands at the event for you. 


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