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Your Trade Show Plan Essentials

Trade Show Plan Essentials

Make sure your trade show plan includes the essentials for success.

Everything has its essentials. There are essentials for the kitchen, essentials for a wardrobe, even a pet has essential items. Here are the essentials for your trade show plan.


What is your trade show plan? Your strategy can’t be just showing up. If you’ve been working trade shows for a while you know this. When things start to become too routine and trade show goals are easily met, you might start to settle into a comfortable holding pattern. Instead increase your trade show goals each year to continue to grow your business or the company you work for. 

A business is either growing or dying, there is no in-between. 

Branding that is Easy to Understand

When a visitor looks at your trade show booth, it must be easy for them to see who you are and what you sell. It’s embarrassing when a visitor has to ask “what does your company do”? Are you a manufacturer? A distributor? B2B? B2C? Don’t make people ask. Have clear, strong branding that conveys your company’s core message. 

The Right Booth Staff

Part of your trade show plan needs to include the right booth staff. There are people who work well at trade shows. They might be your top sales people, but they might not be. Think about it. Who are the people that are personable, friendly, enjoy talking to people and can create interest and desire for your product.

Create An Attraction that Makes People Want to Stop at Your Trade Show Booth

Your trade show booth doesn’t have to have a big, loud, or outrageous element to attract visitors. We’ve all seen stands that have that ‘something’ about them that draws visitors. Clean lines with smart design features, staff that look personable and are enjoying themselves, or an interesting way of displaying or demonstrating your product.

Create a trade show plan that is impressive and interesting.

A Trade Show Plan Supports Lead Capture that is Uber Easy

Now that visitors are stopping at your trade show booth, make sure you have a way of gathering their contact info so that it feels natural to them. This isn’t about being sneaky, this is about the whole visitor experience. The right visitor experience can be the beginning of an easy and profitable customer relationship. Create interest in your product and find out about the person standing in front of you. From there collecting their details is the next natural step. 

Plan for All That ‘Stuff’ at Your Trade Show Booth

Oh the stuff! All those business cards, brochures, samples, giveaways – Bring enough, but not too many. If you’ve exhibited at trade shows enough then you know how to pack just enough without being wasteful. Shipping costs and wear and tear on brochures or samples that have been packed and repacked too often can involve a significant unnecessary cost to your business.  

Your Trade Show Plan – Shoes

It only takes one trade show experience to realise the importance of the right shoes! You can pack more fashionable ones for special show events or meetings, but when you’re working the booth for hours at a time, wear the comfortable shoes. A no-brainer and yet a mistake that is all too common. 

After you have these essentials in your trade show plan, then you can start thinking about sponsoring special events or having exclusive gatherings at the show. Take care of the basics first, then the rest will take care of itself.

If you’d like help creating smart branding or booth design and set up, we’d welcome the opportunity to hear from you.


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